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I would first like to welcome everyone to my new page. I have designed the page to be very simple so it is more text-based in content so I can write with areas for images and video if I wish.

Now, what is this blog going to be about? Blogs can be pretty boring as time goes on and I found out last time I did a blog, sometimes they can grow big. Mine last time got out of control for me mentally as I was writing about a controversial topic. You need to have plenty of skin to be able to handle the comments that come your way. This time I plan just to have a blog for family and friends and not to worry about what I did last time; write juicy content to bring in the views. I found out the hard way, there is a lot of give and take in once you become a public blogging figure. I just want this to be low keyed and something I can enjoy doing.

For those that do not know me, I am an ex-pat living in San Kamphaeng, a small village on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. I am chiefly surrounded by rice fields as that is what the farmers, mainly plant here a few times a year to make their living. Further to the South of us, we have larger business but for where I live, farming and tourism is the way of life. Chiang Mai is the regional centre or like a second capital of Thailand. It is a diverse city that caters mainly to tourism as it is the gateway to the Northern reaches of Thailand.

I have lived now in Thailand for 10 years and was married three years ago to my wife Fhon. She is a very traditional Thai village girl and very conservative in her ways. We live in a small Lana style house that she owned before I met her on a small block of land. We have rice fields nearby but they have not been tended to for three years. The village I live in is quite big, and it has most of the modern luxuries that you need to live a comfortable life.

I plan on doing a few things with this website. First, I would like to show you my area in Thailand and have some reviews of local places that I like to eat and have coffee at. Some local businesses have no way to promote themselves and they are just hole in the wall type of places that make great food that local farang (foreign) people may be interested in.

I have another huge reason for this blog. I made this blog to advocate for mental health as I suffer Bipolar Mood Disorder. Mental health is a huge problem worldwide but not spoken openly about in Thailand and I would like to see that change.

I will be as diverse as I can be in my blogging so you can get a good look at Thailand and at the life, I lead. Suffering from Bipolar means at times my moods can be pretty dark and foreboding, and times when I am merry and too outgoing but I like to look at many of our local issues and customs, and I will bring these topics to light. I will try and highlight some of the local businesses and our way of life and how mental health impacts things.

I hope you will enjoy my blog. It is a project that my doctor suggesting in doing in trying to keep me active and just a way to keep me cheerful when the going gets hard.

Please enjoy and be vocal in comment.

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