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Tonyon Cafe Chiang Mai is a home-based eatery between Bosang and San Kamphaeng to get your dose of foreign food. The Cafe is located in a house in a quiet Soi away from the traffic and caters mostly foreign foods that are in this area, hard to find. Tanya is the Chef and Manager of this small cafe but being small does not mean that the food is not quality.

This is Tonyon Cafe Chiang Mai Facebook page. Just about all you need to know is on this page so just go ahead and like her page and have a look at the food on offer. The menu is basic but good. We have a range of homemade style hamburgers that are in the open tradition and I particularly like the Chicken Burger. You can taste the Chicken in her hand made recipe and it tastes good. The burger comes with fries and is large enough that you feel full after eating it.

Tonyon Cafe Chiang Mai also makes a range of portions of spaghetti that are more traditional in style and are mainly meat-based. You get a large serving and you don’t walk away with an empty feeling. The spaghetti to date is my favourite on the menu as I have found it very hard to find more so a traditional style of cooking. Most Thais make the spaghetti just too sweet and they do not use wine as a base. So this particular dish ticks all the boxes for me. It is not sweet, has quality parmesan cheese, wine as a base and I like it very much.

The last item I want to review is the Pork Ribs. Now, a lot of work goes into making these and the serving size with fries and salad is big. The Pork Ribs are Tanya’s secret recipe that goes along with an amazing B.B.Q sauce. This is Tanya’s signature dish and it is worth trying. I have tried the ribs at The Dukes and also Chiang Mai Smokehouse, and I would say they are equal or better than both these places. The meat just falls off the bones and the sticky sause is very rich and pleasing to taste.

These are just three dishes off Tonyon Cafe’s Menu. For those just missing a bit of home cooking farang style (foreign style) and you live in this area, it is worth a trip to go and try. As I said, it is a simple family business but the food is good, Tanya is very nice and you will be made to feel at home.

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