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Grow Cafe is a coffee shop based in San Kamphaeng. I would have to say out of the many coffee shops, Grow most likely gives the best cup of coffee/tea/ice coffee/mocha in this area. The shop is only small but I find it quite cosy and the best part of all, during the hot part of the afternoon, it is great to go there for the cold air conditioning.

Here is there Facebook page so you can go ahead and like it. There address is 44/3 Sankampaeng rd Sai moon, Tambon Sai Mun, Sankamphaeng, Chiang Mai 50130 and this is how you can find them on Google Maps.

The coffee I have found here to be equal to anything in Chiang Mai from all the expensive shops in the Ninmin area. The coffee comes from a mixed blend and it is very, very fresh. They offer a basic array of cakes, toast and also have an air fryer to cook Chicken Nuggets and Fries.

Wek is the owner of Grow and she can speak very good English. They use up to date grinders that weigh the shot of coffee and they have a Nuova Simonelli commercial coffee machine. For her Mocha, she uses a mix blend of bean and the taste is chocolate in texture. Most coffee I have tasted in Chiang Mai has a slightly burnt taste to it but this coffee does not. Her hot Cappuccinos and Expresso are also very good. The hot Cappuccinos have a hickory taste to the bean and not that bitter.

Grow Cafe like is said is air-conditioned and can seat about a dozen people. On Saturday and Sundays, it gets busy with locals coming in to get a coffee. It has a chilled environment and also free Wifi.

This is my favourite place to get coffee in San Kamphaeng mainly due to the quality. The quality never changes in the cup of coffee they give you and the owner Wek is pretty cool. She has one staff working for her as well (Yim) and her barista skills are good as well.

I recommend Grow Cafe highly.

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