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Just recently opened, Sandwich Gallery Thailand has bought an array of sandwiches and Thai food to San Kamphaeng. As a farang (foreigner) looking always for some home foods, this has been a Godsend for a quick bite to eat. It has been a nice surprise not having to run into Chiang Mai to find a decent sandwich.

Here is the Facebook Page for Sandwich Gallery Thailand so you can have a look and like the page.

The address for Sandwich Gallery is 64/7 Moo 7 San Kamphaeng Road, Tambon San Kamphaeng, San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai 50130 and can be found on Google Maps here.

The owner Simon is Thai but he speaks English extremely well and he has a host of different sandwiches and Thai dishes. The meals are not expensive and you get a decent serving. The sandwiches are freshly made, so you may need to wait for five or so minutes for them to be made. The Thai meals are mixed meats with sauces and they come with rice and an omelette.

They open it seems at 7 a.m and they offer also a Breakfast. Soft drink is on offer as well as free tea and coffee. I was told they are in the midst of getting a licence to be able to sell alcohol so at some stage in the future I can see them serving ice-cold beer.

San Kamphaeng has a lot of Thai foods on offer with many coffee shops. This is a mix of something different and I must admit the sandwiches and the Thai food is good. We have very few shops in our area that offer farang foods or foreign foods mixed in a Thai taste (the Thai meals I feel are directed more for foreigners I) so I wish that this shop has some success. Being in business in Thailand as I have found out, is very hard and to survive you need to have something people want or the food has to be different. Sandwich Gallery Thailand certainly has a different twist to all other Thai shops in our area, so it will be interesting to see how they go.

So go give Sandwich Gallery Thailand a go for a quick bite to eat. The food is good, the owner like I said is really nice and speaks great English, so I think you will not be disappointed. At some stage in the future, I will do a video blog on these locations so you can have a future look.

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