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As you see by their Napkin, SangSan Coffee seems to take their coffee seriously. For a coffee shop that is based on the 1006 going to Bo Sang, it is off the beaten track but has a large local following it. SangSan Coffee I saw advertised on Food Panda, so they are doing local deliveries of there brew, so I wanted to see what it was all about.

Here is a list of there coffee. They use a commercial machine and compared to other local coffee shops that also have commercial machines and grinders, their price is just a little bit more expensive but this is a top-quality machine and not cheap to buy.

The shop is airconditioned and the temperature was cold enough to make it comfortable. We tried a Mocha and a Latte Iced. The Mocha was chocolate in taste and had a good overture of coffee to offset the taste but it was not as good as Grow Cafe in San Kamphaeng and the coffee in Grow Cafe was cheaper. The Latte from SangSan was very good. Milk was first poured and the coffee floated ontop – how a good Latte should be made. The coffee was fine – I don’t know what blend they used but for me, it has a carmel taste to it and just a touch too bitter for my liking but it was better then Grow Cafe’s Latte. I need to experiment now with other trails of there coffee but so far, everything seemed good to me.

The Latte

So overall, what did I think of the coffee? I thought that the coffee was good but it was not good enough for me to want to travel further from my home every day to have a cup. The atmosphere of the shop is chill and they have an array of cakes and brownies. Due to the fact I have Grow Cafe just only a kilometer from my home, I may just travel to Bo Sang every now and again when I want a good Latte or to try an expresso. Still, the coffee is equal to anything that is based in Chiang Mai and is cheaper in retrospect.

SangSan Coffee (google map link) is worth a visit if you are out via Bo Sang on the 1006. It has my recommendation for a good coffee.

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