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So today Fhon and I went for a great ride around the back rice fields of Doi Saket and got lost; all the small villages were just fantastic, and it was so fun to ride on the PCX. I want now to take my friends via this loop that we have found and round it off by having lunch at Perfect Pizza. I will do an in-depth review of Perfect Pizza shortly as I regard this as one of my favorite places to go for a great meal. It is something very special.

So who does the best blog in Chiang Mai at this moment?

My blog is certainly not anywhere near the best and does not even rank on Google’s listing. I have just started again and it will take in all honesty years to create something good. I honestly cannot say ‘what is the best’ as reading most blogs do not in the least portray the sense of living in Thailand like a local (which no one will ever be), but some of them do give some good advice for foreigners that are heading off here on holidays. I would only consider longer-term expats that have nothing to sell at all in giving you the low down and truth about things. From what I have read to date, most foreigners here are living an entire different social-economic world versus that of the Thai people themselves. Some foreigners cannot live on 100,000 a month whereas a Thai can live here for 10,000.

You see, most of us have money coming in from offshore, our lives are comfortable, and we can make life here in Chiang Mai as hard or easy as we want it to be. I could live on 150 baht a day eating very easily if I went Thai style.

Many of the blogs are misleading in many ways. The ‘I can live on $500 a month’ are the most misleading blogs of the lot. Who would send you to live in another country without health insurance as $500 is not going to cut it? It means you would not be covered for any health problems at all and without cash here, and if you are sick or hurt, you are going to die, and for others around you, that is super irresponsible.

Other blogs are strictly money-making enterprises from the active nomad community, and there are hundreds of these. These guys cannot make money without you. It is as simple as that, and that is why they are saying come to Chiang Mai and crush it here. Most people that come do not remain in Thailand for any longer than two years, and that is in most cases a proven fact.

Now for myself, I only now read a few blogs. I cannot say too much. Many offer premium memberships, coaching to become a “nomad” or just things I do not want or understand. I will admit, they are pretty nice to look at, give you the rundown on what most tourists want to do when visiting but for the living in Thailand way of things’, they are not much use.

So what do I think about who has the best blog in Chiang Mai at this moment?

Well, in all honesty, you can pick any of them and find a gem of information as we all differ in tastes. Just plug into your search engine ‘Best Chiang Mai Blogger’ and in all honesty, Google and your own thought process will do the rest.

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