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our yesterdays


Last night I went to a funeral. Seems I go to one every couple of months now. Looks like the older you get, just more people you know pass on. Yet, last night I listened to the Monks talk about life and they brought up an interesting point about ‘yesterday’. Seems ‘yesterday’ play a big part in our life as we cannot erase what we have done previously so it is important to...

Village life


When I first came to Thailand, I did not think I would become an expat. I came to Thailand ten years ago for a short three month holiday and I just planned on going back to the Gold Coast to just get on with my life. What I have found difficult in living an expat life may be different for a lot of people. Living an expat life in a small village is not a easy thing to do and I will explain why. As...

Non-O-A Long Stay visa


Well, at the start of this year Immigration started to make some noise about health insurance and wow, did it stick a fox in the hen house with everyone thinking the world was going to end. Thai Visa went into meltdown I was told. My newsfeed in Facebook was just full of people worrying that Immigration was going to be tossing them out the country soon. In fact, during this period, I know several...

What Bipolar people don’t want you to know


Every now and again I will write an article on mental health. I have advocated that is something I want to do on this site. For as long as I have been bipolar, a few topics have been off-grid for me as they are too sensitive. I don’t like talking about them as they make me feel sub-human. You see, we have a lot of faults and many of them are just our illness making us sick. The general...

A slow weekend


I spend a lot of time stressed. Sure I am living in a Buddhist country with a devil may care attitude but coming from a Christian background and being agnostic makes it not so easy just to slide into the Thai way of life. I thought after 10 years here, I would be able to say Mai Bpen Rai (It does not matter in Thai) and just be able to kick back and enjoy things. This weekend Fhon and I went to a...

Welcome to San Kampaeng!


I would first like to welcome everyone to my new page. I have designed the page to be very simple so it is more text-based in content so I can write with areas for images and video if I wish. Now, what is this blog going to be about? Blogs can be pretty boring as time goes on and I found out last time I did a blog, sometimes they can grow big. Mine last time got out of control for me mentally as...

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