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I have not written for some time as I have been sick. The last four months have been a hard slog as I have been very depressed and over the last week, my mood has been very unstable. I think I am going now through a mixed state (between depression and hypomania) because at times I feel like I am touching God and I want to be famous. Yet then a few hours later I am just depressed and have no...

The Pioneering Spirit


Going to be a different post today. I just finished watching “Hell on Wheels”, and it got to do a lot of thinking. What makes a person have so much drive to do such an endeavor as build the Trans-Pacific Railroad? What makes people pack up and travel halfway around the world like the Irish and the Chinese did. Was it due to the sickening poverty and war or was it is a lust for...

Trip To Uttaradit


Yesterday was a sad day. We drove East to Uttaradit. The Labrador that we have had for three years went to a new home on a Duriun Farm to one of Fhon’s good friends. I have not been well enough over the last four months to take care of the dog properly and we decided it was much better for the dog to have wide-open spaces with a friend that was totally in love with Labradors. Fhon cried for...

Acaba Coffee


I have been depressed for quite some time. In the evenings, I just get very sad and morose and get very down and cry. That is the terrible part about being depressed – you just have no reason at all to be depressed and you just are. Nothing shifts it, you don’t care about things and it is not good for those around you. So Fhon yesterday got me to get up early and she forced me into...

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