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Yesterday was a sad day. We drove East to Uttaradit. The Labrador that we have had for three years went to a new home on a Duriun Farm to one of Fhon’s good friends. I have not been well enough over the last four months to take care of the dog properly and we decided it was much better for the dog to have wide-open spaces with a friend that was totally in love with Labradors. Fhon cried for two days before the decision was made by the family to send the Dog on. I have a Beagle that is three years old as well but he is very low maintenance and does not have the stamina of a young Labrador and he is very happy to sleep and just lay around with us. We can have him in the house at all times and we just don’t know he is around because most of the time he is sleeping at our feet.

So we got up very early and drove almost four hours through varied country consisting of open rice plains to hills then to Mountain ranges. We drove first to Lamphun, then over the range to Lampang, turning left to drive to Phrae. Approximately 15 kilometers from Phrae, we took Route 11 to Uttaradit and met the new owner there. It was a long drive and Tor, Fhon’s brother drove. I have a late model Mitsubishi Attrage and it ran well.

Once we arrived at Uttaradit, Gus (the Labrador) was shown its new family and they all got on extremely well. He was happy to see wide open spaces and did not seem to miss anyone at all. Gus was a very big Labrador and full of energy and his new life is much better than being stuck in a house yard that was just too small.

Driving home, we could take our time as the dog was not with us (stressing in the car) and we stopped at several viewpoints and at an Amazon Coffee shop for a cup of Mocha and a feed of fried rice from a vendor. So we drove back to Chiang Mai in about 5 hours. I would like to spend more time to have a look next time we go for a drive to visit the dog in the future and maybe go via Sukothai to have a better look at the old Temple remains that I visited last year but did not spend enough time exploring.

As for things, my depression seems to be getting better after three weeks taking Wellbutrin on top of my daily standard fair of drugs (Risperidone, Stresam, Prozac, deprakine, Ritalin) and it is the first time in four months I have been waking up at 7:30am and feeling like getting out of bed. So I hope this improvement stays and that things get better as time goes on. The depression this time was something terrible and would just not lift. Having no joy at all during your day while crying or just wanting to chop yourself as you are in such a state of despair is something I wish upon no one. It is deep and dark and nothing can make you have happy thoughts. It is a time I would rather do without.

So today we are resting from our long drive and we all have had a few tears for losing the Labrador but in reality, it was best for all involved and a lesson learned.

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