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It has been three months since I have written anything. I had a very bad depressive episode and it took quite some time for the drugs I was taking to work. The phase has past and I am doing much better now but boy, has the world changed a lot in these three months. I only in the last few weeks have made grand steps in getting better as the depression was deep and for a period of time, I was immobile, based in bed for a few weeks waiting for change to come from the medication I started.

Now the virus. I should be politically correct in calling the virus Covid-19 but the fact is it came from China and the Wuhan Flu has since trashed the world and economy. I spent a lot of time in China in 2002 and saw wildlife trading markets. They were grim, dirty, all sorts of animals being killed and I can certainly believe some virus could be created there. In many ways, it was humanity at its worst, having such animals caged up in cramped and squalid conditions. Mother Nature just punched back.

Things are going to change for the foreseeable future. I don’t believe the Chinese figures. You only got to look at Italy at this given stage and China was on a much grander scale in population. At this time I cannot get home. Most flights have been canceled and anyway, my wife and I have nowhere to go until after September when my parent’s Condo will be completed. Like it or not, Thailand is my home for maybe quite some time as I cannot see getting out of here to be an easy thing to do. I would not leave my wife anyway. If she could not come home with me, what would the use of going home be?

So it is a matter of self-isolate and sit tight for the coming months as I fear things are just getting started in Thailand. In January, we had millions of Chinese tourists flock into Thailand and instead of blocking them as Russia did, the powers to be here just kept the hoards of Chinese visitors coming in and a percentage of them were from Wuhan.

It is now March and our infected figures are climbing daily and just understanding how the Thai people live, if this virus takes off in this country, especially those from small villages and outer Hill Tribes, I fear for the worst. My village comprises mainly of elderly Thais and most have underlying health conditions. My wife’s family has hypertension and diabetes combined and both parents are elderly.

Everything is running in the village markets here as normal but most are wearing face masks that are impossible to get now. I don’t know where they are getting them from. All the bars, massage, and entertainment areas have been closed down for two weeks. I fear that won’t be enough but the main problem here is we have no benefit system in place and everyone lives on a pay to pay system. The poor live on a day by day system. Just a week off from work and many are in trouble. Tourism has just stopped and that for many were what was keeping everyone going.

So the next coming month or two is going to be very interesting and someways scary as we just don’t have firm numbers here on how many are sick. We are getting numbers of 50-60 a day now infected but for the amount of Chinese we have had in here and the time barrier in the fact nothing was done I feel in the beginning, it may have a snowballing effect.

Heres to hoping I am wrong but a virus has no borders and just seeing how quick it spreads, I cannot see it being any different here. As of to date, we have had no real panic buying. The Thais are just living in their own world that is of what I can worry about tomorrow, I will worry about it then. Still, social media is very strong in this country even if it censored at times and if the lid blew off this thing, the likes of Facebook and Twitter and other social forums would explode and to date that has not happened.

Let’s see what the future brings but it is certainly a different world from yesterday. The Australian Dollar has tanked and for me, it is placing things under pressure now. Nothing is cheap anymore in the least and when everything gets 12% more expensive in just a week from currency moves, you just got to tighten the belt.

Yep, it sure is a new world at this time and I think many things are going to change over the coming months maybe even for good. This virus has shown us how fragile our world is and no one is bigger than Mother Nature or a mega Asteroid hurtling to earth. Just add civil unrest to this if it gets bad in certain countries and we have the recipe for disaster. I hope I am wrong and this virus just burns itself out, a vaccine is developed and the world learns a lesson from this all.

Here’s just hoping.

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