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For the last 14 odd days, we have been in lockdown at home. I have only been to the Super Market once during this period for about 20 minutes to buy another two weeks of meat and vegetables. The rest of the time has been spent at home listening to Audiobooks, listening to YouTube Music and looking at News on the Internet. Social distancing is very important, so as a family unit, we have not mixed with people. My family is an at-risk group due to age and sickness, so everyone is taking this seriously.

Thailand has for the last several days been in a State of Emergency and we have a curfew in place from 2200hrs to 0400hrs. The virus has in the last two days gone down in numbers we have been advised but I cannot say if I have faith in the numbers. We have not done the scale of testing like Australia upon the populace.

So at this time, Thailand is pretty well locked down. All night entertainment, all the super shopping malls and just about every coffee shop to restaurant have been limited in some way. Small business is suffering and the tourist industry is shattered. No more sit down meals are available and for the shops to survive, they are now doing takeout but they are folding. FoodPanda and Grab (Food delivery services) must be making a fortune at the moment.

The internet as well is full of Fake News. My wife was told yesterday from some online reporting from the CCP, that this virus came from Italy and that it was spread from Americans in China and Thailand. The propaganda coming out from China at the moment from its short broadcast radio stations is unbelievable. I am very sad to see Boris Johnson in ICU at the moment. I hope he makes a swift recovery.

Those that are suffering are the poor. I am seeing many stories about people losing their jobs and having to live on the streets in Thailand and other parts of the world. All sex workers have been sent home. Many people have come back home from overseas to ride this out. I know of businesses that have gone from making 50-60,000 clear a month to making zero for the last three months since the Chinese have stopped coming in.

As for my family, my brother-in-law has lost his job for the time being. His wife is six months pregnant but is still working as an Accountant. Fhon, my wife has only had one Accountancy job in the last three months. My Mother-In-Law cannot sell at the markets as they have been closed down. We all are just living week to week just seeing where this virus is going to take us. As for myself, I have to keep my mental health well. I am reading a lot at this present time, listen to Audiobooks and use a Spin Bike to get some exercise each day. Fhon goes out into the garden each day and we spend a lot of time with our dogs. It is 40 degrees most days and we find it very hot.

Trying to keep yourself busy and not having your mind upset too much about Covid-19 is important. Most of the news online is negative so I try to keep away from it. I just check the Australian Newspapers each day, look at what is happening in America and that is about it. I read a lot on internet forums that are mainly focused on Thailand. Fhon only watches the news at night and checks out Twitter. Keeping away from too much news is a good thing as I do not want to get depressed. I know our world is suffering and the economic backlash to this all is going to be huge. This is going to take a long time to sort out and how our Governments are going to pay such money back, I do not know. No one yet knows how long this is going to take to peak and we going to have a second wave. It is still early days yet.

So keeping our heads positive and trying to keep our every wandering mind busy is what we need to do during this time. Keeping active is important both physically and mentally. Better days are coming. Like the rare announcement from Queen Elizabeth, and saying at the end of her broadcast, “we will meet again” Vera Lynn’s war anthem, gives us hope.

Hope is important. Let us keep hopeful and see better days ahead. That is what I am thinking about now. Hope is a wonderful thing.

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