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During this depression I have had that has just had to have conspired with Covid-19, I have watched a lot of old movies. Around the 1930-50s period and I have noticed one thing about everything. Men were real men and ladies were Dames. They were not logging onto social media and trying to live a life from funny posts and likes. It was a totally different time. It was not hours and hours a day sitting in front of social media trying to make their lives look better.

I have eased off social media a lot. I very rarely watch the news anymore. I try to stay clear of anything that will make me feel bad in this world of ever-evolving media that carries mostly just stress and bad news microseconds after it has happened. Every few seconds stories are posted on my Twitter feed that just feeds the monster.

For me the monster is depression but in the ’30s and ’50s, it was just unheard of. People just seemed to get on with their lot in life and make the most of it. Still, after lots of research, people were having problems and you always heard of a story so someone’s Uncle or Aunt that had a breakdown but it was explained differently. Drinking was normal in most families. In reality, there were a host of ways around the mental health question.

Still, men got dressed in their suits every day, went to work, and got on with it. I think that is something I miss. When I first started going to work, we hardly had any women in the workplace and it was solely a manly environment. It made me grow up very quickly from a 15-year-old child. I was expected to do a day’s work of a man. I was classed as a man.

I can now fast forward 40 years and the world is a changed place. You can drink your Latte while sitting in front of your computer coding in a coffee shop while working for a major business. Of course, there is still the hands-on work that is required to keep the world running but it is so different with the world of contractors and advanced machinery that needs complex people to be able to understand how to fix it or control it. It is way past me now.

I really would prefer to just have things not as fast. I mean if I want to go for a run now, we have a treadmill in the gym area of our home. Maybe I was born at the wrong time but everything being so quick as it is now, is depressing. Maybe it is the way I am now but I have seen nothing yet gained in social media to say it has made this world a better place. Most of my friends just post things to make their lives look good on Facebook or some funny Meme just to show they are funny. It is just time-wasting.

The only good thing I see is that I can FaceTime my parents every two days and see how they are going but for me, that is about it. I don’t order food online, I don’t play online games; the internet is a tool for very basic usage. I hate using the banking apps to do my online banking as half the time I need a face to talk to if I need to do something that is above the system’s security-based features and needs further details.

Maybe I am depressed still but at this time most of my friends are wasting valuable time being on social media. For me, it is time to cut down further and fuel other desires. I have several books I wish to read and I need to do more exercise. I would delete Facebook only if it was not for my parents and sister. It is their major platform to showcase family photos and the such.

No in reality the internet is not the problem. It is what has come with in in the guise of social media that has made it a poorer place to visit. That’s my take on it.

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