SangSan Coffee Shop


As you see by their Napkin, SangSan Coffee seems to take their coffee seriously. For a coffee shop that is based on the 1006 going to Bo Sang, it is off the beaten track but has a large local following it. SangSan Coffee I saw advertised on Food Panda, so they are doing local deliveries of there brew, so I wanted to see what it was all about. Here is a list of there coffee. They use a commercial...

Kookkai Coffee Shop


I am always looking out for somewhere cool to hang out in the hot afternoons in San Kamphaeng. Many of the small local shops do not have air conditioning and sometimes I am not looking to drink just coffee. Thailand has a base of different drinks from iced lemon drinks to Thai Teas that you can get on ice. The coffee from Kookkai Coffee Shop (Facebook Page) is okay but I have found that the Cha...

Having to Trust


I have been sick for the last few days with terrible diarrhea and last night had to visit my doctor to get some help. If you are in San Kamphaeng and you need a doctor that can speak basic English, Renu Medical Center is the place to go. If you have a Thai partner, they can ring 053 392073 to get better directions. Over the years I have been going to see countless doctors, I have found it very...

My Thai Family Ways


Yesterday we took a break from home and went to a lake close to our house. We drove through very green ricefields that in about another three weeks, will be ready to harvest. When I first came out to our village, moving into a house with Fhons Mum, Dad and brother were not that easy for me. I had been alone for some time and the previous relationship I was in was for all the wrong reasons and I...

sandwich gallery Thailand


Just recently opened, Sandwich Gallery Thailand has bought an array of sandwiches and Thai food to San Kamphaeng. As a farang (foreigner) looking always for some home foods, this has been a Godsend for a quick bite to eat. It has been a nice surprise not having to run into Chiang Mai to find a decent sandwich. Here is the Facebook Page for Sandwich Gallery Thailand so you can have a look and like...

our yesterdays


Last night I went to a funeral. Seems I go to one every couple of months now. Looks like the older you get, just more people you know pass on. Yet, last night I listened to the Monks talk about life and they brought up an interesting point about ‘yesterday’. Seems ‘yesterday’ play a big part in our life as we cannot erase what we have done previously so it is important to...

What Bipolar people don’t want you to know


Every now and again I will write an article on mental health. I have advocated that is something I want to do on this site. For as long as I have been bipolar, a few topics have been off-grid for me as they are too sensitive. I don’t like talking about them as they make me feel sub-human. You see, we have a lot of faults and many of them are just our illness making us sick. The general...

A slow weekend


I spend a lot of time stressed. Sure I am living in a Buddhist country with a devil may care attitude but coming from a Christian background and being agnostic makes it not so easy just to slide into the Thai way of life. I thought after 10 years here, I would be able to say Mai Bpen Rai (It does not matter in Thai) and just be able to kick back and enjoy things. This weekend Fhon and I went to a...

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